What is Wi-Fi?

Wireless Fidelity - Otherwise known as Wireless Networking.
A transmitting antenna, usually linked to a DSL or high-speed land-based internet connection, uses radio waves to beam signals to PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. A client antenna, which can be a dongle or other Wi-Fi devices like laptops, tablets which the antennas are embedded into the remote device, picks up the signal.

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a place covered by a wireless internet connection. We refer to each of our different coverage locations as "hotspots".

What do I need to access the wireless network?

You will need to have a laptop, tablet or any other Wi-Fi enabled device.

Where can I access the wireless network?

At one of the Wi-Fi Aruba hotspots.

How do I access the internet?

How fast is the connection?

The technology of Wi-Fi is 11 Mbps fast. In theory this is 196 times faster than a dial up modem of 56 Kbps.
Due to different factors like the speed of the servers, websites and the amount of users on the Wi-Fi network the speed can vary.